Saturday, March 21, 2009

aWwWwWw HoW cUtE!!! :)

Who Is A Sister?

A sister is the one who makes life easier to live, Whom you can share our likes and dislikes with, She is the one who tells us her vast secrets and feelings And asks us to do the same, And has the rights to know all our friends'name. She makes us feel comfortable when we are sad,She guides us the right way when we are bad, She is more than any word can tell, She holds us when we tend to fall. She comes to know our problems through our eyes, She is of course naughty but wise, She is my life's sunrise. We should always make oneself fullof these qualities to be a sister. And my Sister you are the most beloved to me As you care so much for me!

Author Unknown!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

tHe SuN's GaMe!!!

i danced at the suns game! it was fun!! but we didnt get to meet any of
the players..... but we saw them in the tunnel place thing and we were like
20 ft away from them!!! idk which player it was, but he was freakin huge!
haha ya! but thats wat i did!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

pArTy At My HoUsE!!! dAnCeRs OnlY.... :)

we had i big party at my house for alll of my dance friends!!!
we went soooooooooooooooooooo super crazy! u shud of seen us!
i didnt take alot of pics cuz i was too busy having fun and
going crazy!!! hahaha

Saturday, February 21, 2009

dAnCe cOmPiTitioN!! <3

all the animals dancers! zebra, racoon, lion, bunny, bird, and bear!
at the awards! we got some pretty dang good scores!

thats wat the back of my hair looked like! pretty kool!

wow.... thats all i can say!

jena grl!!!! i luv ya!

getting my hair done by sherrin!

me, jakelle ( jack..inside joke!) haha and kiley!!!!

its jack again!!!! she calls me austin! we gave eachother
boy names!

marrissa u r a dork!!! but i luv ya anyways!

i was sooo bored sitting there getting painted on
and my hair being pulled out of my head!!

katie makes a cute little bunny!

when jena took this pic she found me eating a
fruit roll up! yum! thats wats in my mouth!

um......................... i had a little trouble keeping my top up!

brook is sticking her tounge out, and im trying to get leah
back on the stage! but it was too late! she jumped!

me and jakelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

lissute, casside, and leah!!!!

me and marrissa!!

katie, leah, and me! how cute!

like my pose????

Sunday, January 25, 2009

oLd PiCtUrEs!!! <3

me and annie went to c bride wars!! were good models huh???!!!

ew kyle wats wrong with u????

he looks cute... but he can be the litle devil!

annie found me doing my hair!!!

kung fu panda!!!! yes!

me, stupid kyle, and my fav sister annie!

dad.... ur aa dork!! i c y u picked him mom!

no way????? she said that!!!???? omg!

kyle doing yoga!!!! weirdoo! :)

thats the cheese a graded!!! it was good!!!


kyle was attacking annie!

i posed infront of the tree!

me and annie!!!!!! <3